Hygiene Procedures

Dear Guests,

Our priority is your health, safety, security of guest, personel and suppliers which are choosing us as an Euphoria Hotels & Resorts Family.

We are taking precautions to new type Corona Virus. In addition to these we are following up instructions, recommendation which is announced by World Heath Organization, Turkish Republic Ministry of Health and Ministry of Tourism.

According to POSI (Prevention of Spread of Infections) procedures all of the our hotels operations are updating and were created new style service, hygiene and sanitary procedures.

We would like to explain to you all the new procedures.



·   COVID 19 Assembly created action plan and procedures.

·   POSI was renovated

·   Food and Water safety was renovated

·   The new risk analysis was made

·   Process Control was made

·   Emergency Action Plan was made

·   ISO22000 food safety management system/ HACCP was updated

·   ISO90001 Quality Management System was updated

·   ISO 14001 Environmental Management System was updated

·   OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System was updated

·   ISO10002 Guest Satisfaction System Management was updated


Furthermore, All the chemical products(Diversey) are using in our hotels which are produced in USA with 95 years experience. The Diversey Company is giving professionnel tranee to all our staff periodically about using their product effectively to protecting Covid 19 Virus.



·   Considering social distance Lobby was dizayned

·   After check in process,didinfected  room card and Towel card will be given to our guests.

·   After check in process, luggages will be disinfected and brought to their rooms.

·   Keeping in touch all agencies we will try to give importance to online check-in.

·   In Entrance all the guest will be controlled fever and measured by thermal camera. If temperature is equal or more than 38 C POSI procedure will be obeyed and taken them quarantine  room and informed health office which is working 24 hours in hotel.



·   After  Check out the rooms are left empty 24 hours.

·   According to international accredited rules  the rooms will be cleaned especially remote kontrol , taps,electric buttons and linens .

·   Housekeeping Staff will be used disposable clothes,masks,gloves,visors.

·   Outdoor areas and indoor areas will be disinfected by Ozon & ULV Maschine.

·   Textile products will be washed 90 C degree and removed virus.

·   All frequent using areas will be disinfected short term period.

·   The elevators entrance contactless disinfection will be used.


·   Disposable spoon, fork, knifes, plate will be available for our guest.

·   We have staff in all area if you want they can help you.

·   Staff will be ready to help you and they are already aware of contactless.

·   When the families want to sit together according to density we will help them.

·   it will be choosed foods which is immunity enhancer For kids menu.

·   All Food products will be controlled  with detail from the buying process to serve by food engineering  And checking quality.

·   The food products will be disenfected by Ozon technology .

·   The food supplies and products will be bought from international firms which have high quality and hygiene sanitary Standards.



·   After Covid 19  Guest contact trainee was given

·   All the activities day& night was planing and koirdinating considering social distance

·   Instead of pool games & team games we were choosed individual ones.

·   The tools and equipment  is disinfected before using

·   Indoor Fitness activities is planing considering social distance yoga and aerobic mats is cleaning and disenfected before session.

·   Indoor fitness areas are cleaned and disinfected with UHV Maschine everything.



·   All the staff have pedagogic formation and traniee about COVID 19 protections

·   The kids club activities was planing generally outside obeying social distance rule.

·   When the kids club finished working hour UV Maschinerie will be worked and everyday ULV will be made

·   Indoor area fresh air is given every time

·   The kids buffet is prepared according to social distance

·   One staff always will help to disinfect for kids we will made wash hands aktivities several times in kids club.



·   We control our personnel by quality specialist to procedures in terms of operation, service, hygiene and quality in all hotels. We also have a quality control department in all hotels.

·   New risk analysis after Covid19 was done by occupational health and safety specialist

·   Food safety is very important after covid 19 from purchasing to service in all processes, so it is seriously controlled.

·   All food, cleaning supplies, disinfection chemicals is controlled by quality specialist.

·   After Covid 19, quality management system has been created according to the new conjuncture by the companies providing consultancy services.



·   Our hotel staff have received all health education such as hygiene epidemic and infectious disease.

·   All health checks of our staff are routinely performed by expert teams, and necessary analysis and medical checks are recorded.

·   The service vehicles used by our staff everyday are disinfected every day and the layout of the session is done by social distance.

·   Room sterilization is done daily in the personnel lodgings

·   In addition, all personnel will be measured temperature at the entrance and exit.

·   the rest areas ,restaurants of the personnel have been rearranged by showing social distance.

·   Attention will be paid to all personnel to wear mask gloves and visors.



·   At the entrance doors of our hotels, the temperature of all guests, suppliers and personnel will be measured with a fever meter.Access to the facility will be provided in line with the relevant instructions.

·   It will be disinfected in shift changes of materials such as transceiver / telephone that are used by security personnel.

·   Gloves, masks and disinfectants will be kept at the security offices located at the entrance of our hotels.

·   Every guest and supplier will be asked questions about whether they have come from the countries designated by the Ministry of Health as the risk group at the entrance of the hotel, and the procedures and instructions will be strictly followed.

·   Our security personnel trained on Covid-19 will share emergency information about our guests and personnel who show possible signs of illness during patrol.



·   All necessary studies for air conditioning and water management in our hotels are carried out within the framework of the new version standards developed after Covid-19.

·   Acid and base measurement numbers of our pools have been increased.

·   Our technical service personnel when they are enterit the guest room to troubleshoot use masks, visors and disposable gloves.

·   The malfunctioned room will be cleaned and disinfected by the housekeeper before guest use.

·   A Whatsapp online communication system has been created from our hotel's free internet network to be used in case of possible demand and emergency.

·   Our guests will have a link to create contactless registration forms that will enable them to check in online without coming to our hotel.

·   Our guests will be able to access measure briefings, both digitally and as a brochure, in every corner of our hotel.


We are honored to host you in our hotels where we create a healthy and safe environment with our new version of service and hygiene standards.