Teos Ancient City

Teos Ancient City, located between Seferihisar Sıgacık and about 5 kilometers from the district, is one of the historical locations highly recommended to be added to the must-see list. The ancient city, which takes the first place in the list of places to visit in Sıgacık, manages to attract the attention of those who are interested in both deep-root history and wealthy nature. The reason why the name of this ancient city, which is mentioned by the famous poet Herodot as "the most moderate place in the world" and which has survived till nowadays, is not heard as often as Ephesus or Hierapolis which generally related with the new recognition of the region.

Teos, which has been also very popular due to its location among 12 Ionian cities about 3000 years ago, has developed very rapidly with sea trade. The commercial value of the region due to its location has been instrumental in hosting different civilizations for centuries and constantly welcoming visitors from all over the world. It is known that the history of Teos goes back to 13 centuries ago. The Temple of Dionysus, one of the most valuable works of the Hellenistic period, is also located in this region.

It is possible to reach the ancient city with a natural welcoming accompanied by the breezes of centuries-old olive trees and the scents of tangerines mixed with these breezes. It is known that the ancient city of Teos has invaluable ruins that have not been unearthed and studies are continuing to reveal these values.