Manavgat, which keeps the traces of thousands of years of history of the tens of civilizations, also fascinating with its natural beauties and offers the opportunity to explore the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean. It is one of the valuable locations for those who have different holiday expectations and enables to spend a joyful time together. Being among the most popular holiday destination in Turkey ,Manavgat, figures in the center of tourism attraction since the early 60s. This center, which responds to the expectations of those who want enjoy only sea, sand and sun during their holiday, who want to see the history of different civilizations up close, or those who want to have a holiday full of adrenaline sports, will remain popular for many years.

Manavgat waterfall

Manavgat and Duden Waterfalls comes first to mind from two locations in Turkey when searching for it. Manavgat Waterfall is one of the must-visit places for those who are thinking of vacationing in this region. You must see this beauty in order to discover a wonderful natural beauty that suit thousands of shades of green and to reveal the sounds of water and birds. There are many cafes and restaurants in the location where the waterfall can be visited to spend time alone with nature, relax or just explore. The waterfall, which is formed as a result of the Manavgat River slopping down, which is fed by underground waters, has a wonderful natural texture. Entrance to the waterfall can be paid with a symbolic fee. In the region, which opens on April, visits continue until the end of October. It is also possible to see many species of living things up close in the waterfall.

Although the image that comes to mind when it is called waterfall is the huge water waves pouring from quite high, the cliff where the Manavgat Waterfall falls is only 4 meters. However, the high flow of the river causes the view of the waterfall to be very impressive.

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Trembling Lake

Although the real story of Trembling Lake, which fascinates people with its magnificent nature, which is the subject of different legends, which has true stories that are not so attractive as it is known, but it will be a very pleasant experience to visit this place. The great secret of this natural wonder is that the upper surface starts to tremble at the slightest breeze due to the fact that the lake water is very still. However, one of the legends is that the water of the lake remained this way as a result of the ducks flapping their wings to help a fisherman who wanted to save the ducks who were shot by the hunters in the lake. This natural wonder, whose legend is more enjoyable than the truth, is a great option to get fresh air and see the natural wonder of the region.

Altinbeshik Cave

The lake inside the cave ,thought to be Turkey's largest lake, but the 3rd largest underground lake in Europe, is one of the natural structure worth seeing.  Swimming is prohibited in the lake, which is 125 meters long and 15 meters deep in places. The cave, which is closed due to rainfall in winter and spring, is open to visitors in summer and autumn.

Region of Side

Side, which is always preferred for summer holidays and has always worth discovering because it is a town from ancient times, is among the regions that should be visited and spent time. Side, whose history can be traced until 7th century BC, but is thought to have a much older history than this, was dominated by many empires such as Lydia, Persia, Rome, and Seljuk.  Since the word Side means "Pomegranate", it is a settlement that is thought to date back to the Hittites  with the researches made on this  region together.

According to a legend, the goddess of nature and fertility Side and her daughter go to the shores of Manavgat (Melas) to collect flowers. Side, who plucked a flower with very eye-catching colors for her daughter, cannot move at once and her feet turn into tree roots. It is rumored that the flowers picked by Side belong to a goddess who is the protector of people. Understanding her mistake, Side said, “I will give fruits the color of blood and become the symbol of life “. According to legend, Side has turned into a pomegranate tree and the symbol of the region has been pomegranate for centuries.

 Canyon of Bridge

Canyon of Bridge, which is in the valley of Koprucay, starts from Isparta Sutculer and pours into the sea in Antalya, is one of the places that should be visited by those who are interested in adrenaline sports. The canyon, where more than 5,000 people rafting every day during the season, manages to attract attention with its natural beauties.  Canyon of Bridge National Park is also located around the flowing stream and manages to attract the attention of those who go to Manavgat for vacation.

Turkey's the longest canyon which still holds that title, has a total length of 14 kilometers,where also located formations resembling fairy chimneys.  Canyon of Bridge National Park hosts animals such as mountain goats, foxes, badgers, wolves, rabbits and bears. In addition to the original vegetation and providing a home to many creatures, it is also possible to encounter many historical buildings in the national park. It is necessary to visit this area to see historical buildings such as the Temple of Zeus, the Theater of the Ancient City of Selge, and the Temple of Artemis.

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