Underground water, which is one of the most valuable gifts offered to humanity by nature, is known for its effects that provide healing, healthy mood and comfort to people in different ways according to their content and usage methods. The waters rising from the crust of the earth and heated geothermally are generally called thermal. The history of the areas where thermal water is used is quite old. Thermal water usage areas, which are also defined by names such as hot spring, natural power-giving bath, meet the comfort of the hotel nowadays.

“Representing Royal Teos Thermal Resort Clinic & Spa, we offer all our guests the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable accommodation experience while at the same time benefiting from thermal waters as supportive for their ongoing medical treatments. We are pleased to welcome our guests who do not have any health problems but just want to have an effective rest experience. "

What is a hot spring? Things to Know About Thermal Hotels

“What is a hot spring? What is the difference between thermal hotels and hot springs? We want to help you make the most accurate holiday planning for yourself by answering the questions that come to mind of guests who want to take a thermal holiday. "

In its simplest form, the hot springs is the general name of the facilities established in the regions where there are thermal waters that come from underground and can be used in supportive treatments due to the minerals it contains. The main difference between thermal hotels and hot springs is that today's modern hotel concept is successfully blended with the hot springs logic. According to the widespread view, hot springs are generally seen as the places preferred by middle-aged and older people for their holiday in winter; Thermal hotels change this concept and enable people of all ages to have a pleasant holiday in all four seasons of the year and benefit from the positive effects of healing thermal waters.

The purpose of accommodation in thermal hotels may be to receive supportive treatment, as in hot springs, or the desire to "make a holiday that will pamper yourself". Considering the exhausting effects of crowded cities on people in recent years, we see that the wellness concept is much more prominent.

Defined as 'wellness' or 'wellbeing', the treatments that make a person feel healthier, fit, energetic and enjoyable are just some of the services offered by Royal Teos Thermal Resort Clinic & Spa. You can give yourself and your loved ones a nice gift with Royal Teos Thermal Resort Clinic & Spa, which offers a comfortable accommodation, healthy diet, sports, spa and massage treatments while enjoying a spa experience within the thermal hotel concept.


Royal Teos Thermal Resort Clinic & Spa, which offers a wide residential area and comfortable accommodation options in Seferihisar, where the unexplored beauties of the Aegean are hidden, various holiday options are possible for every taste. Many privileges in our facility, where the thermal holiday concept will be successfully blended with all your wishes, will completely satisfy you.

In addition to the thermal pool, which is one of the indispensable advantages of thermal hotels, you will have a dream-like holiday in our hotel, where you can fully regenerate yourself by our relaxing services such as steam room, sauna, SPA center and beauty center.

When you think about how to spend a day in Royal Teos Thermal Resort Clinic & Spa, you can enjoy the unique waters of the Aegean Sea, while enjoying the benefits of thermal water; With the peeling sessions specially prepared for you, you can renew your skin and plan for fun activities at the same time.