About us

Hotel chain Euphoria Hotels & Resorts, operates 5*star hotels & 1.class Holiday Villages as of year 2013 and aims to serve our guests with the privilege of Euphoria quality.

In addition to owned hotels in Antalya, where is the favourite city of the Mediterranean region, you can feel the privilege of Euphoria also in Aegean region.

Euphoria Hotel Tekirova is located in the “Turkish Riviera" which is named after its archeological and natural beauties in the Mediterranean region. Here is the ultimate place to enjoy and observe sea, sun, history and nature combined in harmony for your holiday desires. Located in the Tekirova region of Antalya' s Kemer district, the hotel has afacility right by the sea with 516 rooms.

Euphoria Hotel Tekirova resembles a corner from paradise. Thanks to the Taurus Mountains which the hotel leans on, as well as the clear blue sea and luscious green garden surrounding the resort. Located on an area of 120.000 square-meters, the hotel offers two different accommodation options as hotel and holiday village. Additionally, hotel makes its guests live a dreamy holiday experience in 5*star quality with its “Ultra All Inclusive" concept.

Euphoria Aegean Resort & Thermal is located in the Seferihisar town of İzmir, which is also the first Cittaslow of Turkey. In this beautiful town with protected historical and cultural structures, lavish green areas, and a long, majestic coastline. Euphoria Aegean Resort & Thermal presents a peaceful and calm vacation for its guests, combining the perfect location and wonderfull beachside views. Established on an area of 90,000 square meters, Euphoria Aegean Resort & Thermal has the largest accommodation capacity in the region, with a total of 423 rooms.

Additionally, the hotel is the only local hospitality venue with its very own private island. Euphoria thermal water and thermal concept, thalasso pool, luxurious rooms, suits, villas, and general architecture -in which each tiny detail is thought of for the satisfaction of its guests – evokes admiration, all further bolstered by the 5star quality service and atmosphere, thanks in part to the friendly staff and impeccably clean accommodations. The hotel makes your vacation days more enjoyable, even with children. With the kids’ club, a water park and special food menus, parents are at ease.

Euphoria Aegean Resort & Thermal, a wide array of dishes are presented at the all-you-can-eat buffets or a la carte restaurants. The wide open doors of a dreamy vacation with well-equipped sports center and water sports facilities, beaches and pools, and evening events, awaits at Euphoria Aegean Resort & Thermal.